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At my highest point, my GPA was a 3.75 and during a very rough semester, my lowest semester GPA was a 0.6. I have taken some classes more than once and wanted to quit many times. I have experienced hopelessness, imposter-like feelings, unhappiness, joy, heartbreak, and fulfillment during my own journey. I want nothing more than for you to utilize this time as a path to becoming a better you. My motivation has always been you! I want all to understand that if I was able to do it, so can you. If nobody else wants you to succeed, I do. I pray for your success! I also challenge you to graduate and pay it forward. “Today, we stand on the shoulders of those who sacrificed and paved the way for us (Author Unknown, n.d.). I envision that one day, your shoulders will support our future.


According to The National Center for Education Statistics, as of February 2019, the Black graduation rate (6 years from starting from the enrollment) is only at 40%. This is 20% percent below the national average of all college graduates. The idea of The Gold Book helping Black college students originates from Victor Hugo Green’s Green Book. The Green Book was used to assist travelers during their excursions through the Jim Crow South. During this time, Blacks were unable to be patrons at certain hotels, restaurants, car garages, barber and beauty shops, clubs, etc,. We are no longer in a legalized racist America, but we are very far from a post-racist society where we are all united. There are many challenges that may present the Black college. Challenges may include lack of access to college supports, lack of knowledge about systems, and inadequate guidance. That is where The Gold Book comes in. This guide was created to assist Black college students in navigating through college. I understand college is not for everybody. If that is you I still want you to chase your wildest dreams! But for those students who aim to be a college graduate. I know that this journey won't be easy, but it can be done!


The National Center for Education Statistics, 4 in 10 Black students who start college will obtain a college degree within 6 years. Do not let these numbers scare you because here’s tea...ITS THE SYSTEM! College speaks NOTHING to your capabilities and EVERYTHING about your work ethic. If you do not take anything else from this guide, please put your pride to the side and ask for help when you need it! Throughout the Gold Book you will find tips, tricks, and ways to maximize your experience at your institution. Please let me know what you want me to add to The Gold Book to assist you and your peers towards success. I will do my best to respond.  

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